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Oral malodor
Oral malodor


Innovative Sensor Laboratory

iSenLab Inc. is the world leader in breath analysis. Based on our innovative sensor technology, built for outstanding sensitivity, our breath analyzer Twin Breasor II ™ can measure and analyze oral odor in real-time for exceptionally precise diagnosis of physiological and pathological halitosis.

Our mission is a non-invasive diagnosis of body metabolism and the early detection of disease by means of cutting-edge breath analysis based on breath biomarkers.

This smart healthcare system is equally effective for health and fitness diagnostics, offering a simple and direct method to determine customers’ health and wellbeing.



Our Technologies

Oral Malodor Diagnosing System

First analyzer developed in Korea

Future global commercialization

Automatic Self-Calibration

First and only device in the world

Breath Acetone Monitor

First real-time breath acetone analyzer in the world




A real-time analyzer of oral malodor :

Measurement of volatile Sulphur compouds like H2S and CH3SH

Analysis of physiological halitosis and pathological halitosis


A real-time breath acetone analyzer for lipolysis :

Monitoring of body fat burning, afterburn effect post exercise and ketone level on ketogenic diet


A set of disposable accessories :

100 straws + 10 tubes + 10 filters

How to use a straw

1. Pull out the straw and make the winkled part folded over 90 degrees.

2. Connect the tube until it comes folded part of the straw.

3. Bite the straw so that your lips can reach the folded part of the straw.

4. Place a tip of the straw over your tongue.

Close your mouth tight and use your nose breath.

If you don't follow this procedure

    1. The device can be contaminated by saliva and damaged.

    2. Unstable connection may cause a lower or zero result.

Please use the genuine straw and the genuine tube.

If you don't use genuine accessories, it causes the unstable connection and makes unreliable results.




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#1403 Halla Sigma Valley, 545 Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13215, Rep. of Korea